Yu Ho-Jin Single Concert

For the first time in Asia, Yu Ho-Jin awarded FISM World championship stage Grand Prix.

A well-made year-end concerts with Yu Ho-Jin will open on 29th Nov 2019(Fri) ~ 8th Dec 2019(Sun) 2019. So far the only opportunity to see the show at Broadway in New York and Opera house in Sydney etc. and now the fantastic and magical magic show by Yu Ho-Jin <MASULSA YU HO-JIN> land in Busan for the first time. 

Do not miss this golden opportunity!

  • Date of performance: 29th Nov (Fri) 2019 ~ 8th Dec 2019(Sun) 2019

  • Place of performance: Busan Cinema Center Haneulyeon Theatre

완전최종]masulsa포스터 로고 색 금색.jpg

Specially planned Ho-Jin Yoo's solo concert

It is being renewed.