CI 소개

main symbol

● Overall design
  - Symbolizes passion, imagination, and the emotion of temptation
  - The card, which is the basis of magic, is shaped as a magician, so that in the real passion for magic, iridescent light     Expressing temptation into an imaginary world

● wink 
  - A touch of temptation to fall into the illusion of magic
  - It means to close your eyes and see only the good points.

● bow tie
  - Symbolizes the tuxedo worn by magicians

● color
  - Red symbolizes passion for magic, and the rainbow symbolizes magic that creates fantastic emotions with seven colors.

symbol rules
  • A magician symbol that symbolizes passion, imagination, and temptation, and abbreviated European splendid fonts

  • The aspect ratio between the magician symbol and BIMF is 5:6.

  • The vertical ratio of the upper symbol and the abbreviation is 5:3, which raises the center of gravity for the magician, and the symbol and the official name are composed of a vertical ratio of 5:1.5, and a small but dense configuration improves stability.

  • The horizontal ratio of the upper symbol and abbreviation and the horizontal ratio of the official name of the event consist of 11:10.2