2019 BIMF Participate


International Magic Busking Championship

Invite magicians who want to participate in International Magic Busking Championship hold by Busan International Magic Festival.

At designated places, magicians will be performing busking magic show as a way of open performance. Winners out of the participants will be awarded with prize money.

  • Venue : Haeundae Gunamro Street 

  • Date : 27th June(Tue)~30th June(Sun) 

  • Time of performance : 20~40 minutes for 1 team (Excluded 10mins for preparation time)

  • Benefits of winner

    • The final three award with prize money (500,000 won for each team)

    • A team of Special Jury Choice Prize (1,000,000won for a team)

  ※ Only the top three teams will be awarded the prize money 

  ※ The donation money of each team is belonged to the performed busking team.

  • ​Performance content

    • At four designated places, all 15teams will perform once a day respectively on 27th, 28th (total 2 times performance during 27th, 28th June 2019)

    • The members of a team are limited to one to four people.

    • After acting the busking show by teams, the rank will be determined by the total amount of donation from audience for the final stage of International Magic Busking Championship. 

    • The top seven teams will go into the semi-finals on 29th June 2019.

    • The top seven teams will go into the final show on 30th June 2019 with the score combining with donation money and score from jury)

※ Those who failed from the final stage can perform continuously at the designated places by BIMF through the random order lottery in front of the lobby of the accommodation at 9:00AM at 29th/30th June 2019. (In the case of performing continuously can be discussed later on with BIMF office) 
※  In the case of final stage of International Magic busking championship, the rank will be determined by total score combining with the total amount of donation from audience and the total score from jury.

  • Application document
     (1) About 10 minutes performance video clip for the preliminary round
     (2) Application forms by BIMF
     (3) Pictures of total team member or individual (individual team)

  • Screening process

    • The 1st round: preliminary round based on the video

    • The 2nd round: interview face to face on the stage with BIMF office

  • Documents and preliminary round schedule

    • Apply closing date: until 17th May 2019(Fri) 17:00

    • Announce notice those who passed from the 1st round of the preliminary stage (It will be notified individually)

    • Date of announce notice: 22th May 2019(Wed)_ notice from homepage or individually 

    • The 2nd interview and notice the final candidates (It will be notified individually).

    • Main stage: 27th June 2019~30th June 2019, 18:30~21:00 

  • Benefits for International Magic Busking Championship

    • Benefits before the final stage (during the period of International Magic Busking Championship): during the busking period, BIMF offer the accommodation and meals.

    • The donation money of each team is belonged to the performed busking team.

  • Awards

    • Top three teams among the participant teams will be awarded 500,000won for each team.

    • A team out of the semi-final seven teams will be awarded 1,000,000won with additional prize.

  • Inquiry for international Magic Busking Championship