2019 BIMF Participate


BIMF Volunteering

We are looking for volunteers to promote the cultural arts project of the Busan International Magic Festival Organizing Committee.  Thank you very much for your support.

Recruitment Guide
  • Recruitment period:  2019. 4. 24 (Wed) ~ 5. 16 (Thu)

  • Duration of activity:  2019. 6. 25 (Tue) ~ 30 (Sun) (6 days)

  • Recruitment field and application conditions

    • Eligibility: Anyone 18 years of age or older with a strong sense of responsibility to participate in festivals and cultural events

    • Working hours: Varies by team

  • Volunteer benefits: payment of a certain activity fee according to the period of activity, group T-shirt, issuance of volunteer hours confirmation, provision of BIMF souvenirs and guides, issuance of participation confirmation

  • Announcement date of successful applicants: 2019. 5. 17 (Fri) (Individual contact after document review)

  • Interview date: 2019. 5. 25 (Sat)  (Website or individual contact)  ※ Interview location will be announced together with the announcement of successful applicants  Expected

    • Final admission announcement date: 2019. 5. 25 (Sat)  

    • Inauguration ceremony and training by team: 2019. 6. 1 (Sat) Video Industry Center

      • ※ The venue of the launch ceremony and training is subject to change due to the circumstances of the organizer.

      • Required participation in the inauguration ceremony  

      • Training by team

      • If you are able to work in advance, please indicate that you are able to work in advance on your resume.  (pre-working date undecided)

  • Safety education (safety education and sexual harassment prevention education): 2019. 6. 24 (Mon) Cinema Center  ​​

  • screening method

    •   go. 1st round: document screening

    •   me. 2nd : Interview

    •   all. 3rd : Inauguration ceremony and training by team

    •   La. this event

  • required schedule

    • After the interview screening, there will be a launch ceremony (June 1, 2019 (Sat)). 
      ※ Only those who can attend the inauguration ceremony are supported

  • etc

    • Submitted documents will not be returned.

    • Individual support in principle

  • Inquiries

    • Email: bimf7002@gmail.com

    • Busan International Magic Festival Organizing Committee Operation Team (051-626-7002)